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Malorie Blackman Collection

A collection of articles about the inspirational Malorie Blackman.

As well as being one of our Co-Founders favourite authors, Malorie Blackman OBE is regarded as one of today’s most imaginative and convincing writers for young readers.

To read more about her life and accomplishments, have a read through these articles:

  • Discover Malorie Blackman’s books, journal and upcoming events on her website.
  • Interesting article about when Malorie Blackman became the UK’s first black children’s laureate in 2013. The Guardian.
  • Great read which includes a biography, bibliography and an impressive list of all the awards won by Blackman. British Council.
  • 2019 interview with Malorie Blackman. Video.
Don’t forget to head to our Reading List for books by Malorie Blackman and more.
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Do BAME millennials have less stable work prospects?

A thought provoking article on ethnic minorities in the UK workforce by Caroline Davis. The writer discusses the facts surrounding whether BAME millennials are at a greater risk of being in unstable employment than their white counterparts.

Read the full article from The Guardian here.

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Olive Morris Collection

A collection of articles about the amazing Olive Morris.

Olive Morris was a community leader and activist in the feminist, black nationalist and squatters’ rights campaigns. Even though her life was short she achieved so much and was even honoured in a Google Doodle earlier this year in June 2020.

To read more about her life and accomplishments, have a read through these articles:

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Influential Asian British Women

Learn more about the influential Asian British women here.

black history heritage

Black British History

Read more about the amazing women in Black British History who paved the way for us today, here.


Are diversity efforts being reflected in the workplace

Article by the Harvard Business Review discussing whether diversity efforts in the workplace are being reflected in the experiences of women of colour. Click here to read.


Fawcett Society: Pay and progression

An article by the Fawcett Society investigating the pay and progression of women of colour in the workplace. Click here to read.