Welcome to Girls in Limbo.

Following the surge of support in the Black Lives Matter movement it has become more evident than ever that more positivity needs to be shared.
The aim of this project is to showcase black excellence and the successes of women of colour.
Real women. Real experiences. Real role models.

Latest from the Blog

Time To Talk About It: Racism At University

Every year, over 2.5 million students attend universities across the United Kingdom, with Black and ethnic minority students accounting for half a million of the total. A place where students from all backgrounds come to learn and have fun, but where recent surges in racially abusive behaviour from staff and students are becoming a subject…

 Time to Talk about it: Cultural Appropriation or Appreciation?

 Cultural Appropriation Vs Cultural Appreciation has been a long-debated topic and a controversial one at that however, understanding the difference between both concepts is key. To begin, let us differentiate the two: cultural appreciation is when someone seeks to understand and learn about another culture in order to widen their perspective and connect with other…

Time To Talk About It: The Black Self-Identity In Crisis

Anti- blackness is a social construct recognised as a collective consciousness of racial prejudice against black individuals. It elevates in complexity when discussing racialised groups as it becomes unorthodox to assume that this conception is significant in forming the black identity. As stated by Richard L Allen anti-blackness can create ‘a web of anti-self-images, generating…

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